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Announcing Our $25M Series A – Our Journey to Build A Beautifully Efficient World

I’m beyond grateful and extremely excited to officially announce that the Mason team has raised a $25M Series A. We’re proud to be adding Coatue Management, GGV Capital, and Base10 to our amazing team of investors. We’ll also be welcoming Arielle Zuckerberg and Thomas Laffont to our Board.

Now that the “official” announcement info is out of the way, on to the good stuff 🙂 I thought I’d take this opportunity to share more with our customers and community about why we raised capital. 

Over the past year, we’ve been fortunate to partner with amazing companies to solve real problems ranging from improving patient engagement, to speeding up clinical drug trials, to disrupting warehousing. The one thread that binds all these visionaries – regardless of the use case – is the need to deliver their software on dedicated hardware. Making the link between atoms (hardware) and bits (software), is reliant on us building bridges and making connections. 

We’ve seen the most innovative companies take over industries by combining hardware and software to build amazing smart products (Square for point-of-sale, Peloton for fitness, Ring for home security, the list goes on). These businesses are winning because they are able to deliver world class software on versatile hardware vehicles to create unique user experiences. 

We tip our hat to those game changers who have paved the way and taken the risk to invest years of time and millions of dollars in building those products. But seeing that also sparked a question for us: how can we make it more accessible so that anyone with an idea can take a little bit of code, combine it with enterprise-grade hardware, and launch an amazing smart product?

How can we make it more accessible so that anyone with an idea can take a little bit of code, combine it with enterprise-grade hardware, and launch an amazing smart product?

That’s what we’re here to do. Cloud infrastructure showed what’s possible when barriers to launching web-based companies were removed, and we’re beyond excited to see what innovators will do when those same barriers are removed for smart products. 

Bridging the Gap

Timing is a funny thing. While it seems like every other headline over the past few weeks has mentioned something related to a tech giant looking for alternatives to working with China, we raised $25M to double down and bridge the gap between the eastern hardware design revolutions and western software development cycles. Why focus on revving hardware and software faster together? Simply put: By bringing the world’s best hardware and software talent together, magic will happen. We believe the next world-changing technologies will be built by forward looking enterprises combining hardware and software to collect, analyze, and interact with data like never before.

Building this new age infrastructure – or mobile Infrastructure-as-a-Service – will require us to continue cultivating and packaging the best of the West’s software with the scale of Asia’s supply chain, including: enterprise grade security, flexible developer tools, quickly customizable hardware, scalable operations, and business-friendly economics. 

At the heart of Mason is the vision of a beautifully efficient world where people have the time and tools to solve the toughest problems. We know there are countless world-changers out there waiting to bring their ideas to life, and we are grateful to have an amazing group of employees, investors and customers pushing us to empower those revolutions.

We’d love for you to join this journey with us! Check out our job page for openings if you’re interested in helping us on our mission to a beautifully efficient world!