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We’re at SIGNAL!

Join us at Twilio’s SIGNAL 2020 Conference September 30th – October 1st, 2020 to hear how Mason is helping companies bring speed and automation to their mobile device fleets.

In the talk, we’ll cover a use case for Mason that is very important in today’s world: Digitizing COVID-19 Drug Trials. 

Today, over 90% of clinical drug trials are performed using paper and pencil — simply because digitization is too hard. This means the responsibility of accurately reporting side effects and outcomes relies on the patients in the trial through handwritten journals — which can lead to less precise results. 

We will show the state of the world today when it comes to running a clinical drug trial electronically, which looks like a complicated Rube Goldberg Machine. Then we’ll demo how Mason can be used to streamline operations by applying a DevOps methodology or “DeviceOps” to device fleets.

In the demo we’ll use Github Actions and the Mason CLI to create a Continuous Delivery pipeline to automate the testing and deployment of software to live devices in the field. 

Be sure to tune into the event to learn more and to have a chance to snag a FREE Developer Kit! 

Can’t make the event? Schedule a 1:1 demo with Mason today and ask about the talk.