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Secure patient insights when you need it, where you need it

Don’t let unexpected tech issues disrupt data collection and patient care in the field. With Mason’s medical device gateway solution, you can rely on a proven platform to enable secure, continuous patient data collection with your medical device.


Slash downtime and risk with a fully controlled device experience, including advanced platform tools and security features.


Complete control with 5+ year lifecycles and extended support, featuring industrial-grade components for lasting, reliable performance.

Seamless connectivity

Consolidate vendors with Mason’s unified platform and have a dedicated customer success team ready to support you and your global deployments.


Our services tie it all together

When your gateway is powered by Mason, you can focus on more important things: your medical device and patient experience.


We’ll take care of the rest.


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Powered by Qualcomm with enterprise performance, Mason’s data gateway solutions come in a variety of form factors.

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“Mason gives us 3-4 months of development timeline savings and the control and expertise we need to scale our next-generation product.”

VP of Product, Leading MedTech Company

Solving complex challenges for medical device companies with an end-to-end solution

Standardized Enterprise Hardware

Create a reliable and consistent patient experience with enterprise-grade devices – from handhelds and tablets, to wearables and custom form factors.

Vertically Integrated Solution

Reduce your total cost of ownership with a vertically integrated solution. Mason is one, unified platform for creating and scaling a fleet of connected gateways.

Fully Custom OS, Remote Debugging, and Developer Tools

Gain complete control of device behavior with a custom OS. Remote debugging capabilities and developer tools keep your gateway device component running.

5+ Year Product Life Cycles

Extended life cycles keep devices in the field for longer. Engineers no longer waste time on supporting fragmented device models and OS versions.

Seamless Patient Connectivity

Go beyond the reach of a single carrier with our combined coverage solution, ensuring your medical devices stay connected everywhere your operations take you.

Dedicated Customer Success Team

Here for you every step of the way. From onboarding and device deployments, to continuous global support, we are dedicated to your success.


Patient data, always connected

No matter your use case, Mason provides a secure gateway solution autopaired with your medical device for continuous patient data collection and engagement.

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  • Cardiac Monitoring
  • Glucose Monitoring
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Brain Monitoring
  • Remote Therapeutic Monitoring
  • More
Featured Case Study

Virtual care provider breaks away from consumer devices and delivers a complete, managed device ecosystem with Mason

We know what it takes to compete in the healthcare space. Read about how one remote patient monitoring (RPM) company revolutionized its offering with Mason.

Frequently asked questions


How is your gateway hardware different from consumer options?

Mason’s designed-for-enterprise hardware is built with powerful Qualcomm chipsets and longevity in mind. Our data gateway wearable and handhelds have a 5+ year lifecycle to avoid interruption of your patient experiences, and simplify global deployments with a single SKU.

What types of medical devices can a Mason gateway connect to?

Mason devices can connect to medical devices for many use cases, including wearable cardiac defibrillators, peripherals for vitals monitoring, CPAP machines, glucometers, sensors, and many more. Get a demo of Mason to learn more from our experts on device compatibiltiy.

Do Mason devices offer connectivity, or do I need to go to a separate vendor?

Mason is a unified platform for building, launching, and supporting a fleet of connected devices. We provide global connectivity (180+ supported countries), so you don’t need to shop around for multiple, separate connectivity vendors.

What type of customization can be done to Mason devices?

With Mason’s unified platform, you have full control over the entire user experience. This not only includes how the device operates and updates, but also includes the option to add your own branding to truly create your own branded experience — from custom splash screens and boot-up animations, to custom kitting and packaging options.


Device gateways with unparalleled control, customization, and connectivity

Reduce long-term costs and keep your patients connected with Mason’s end-to-end solution. Learn more from our experts with a free demo.