Using Google’s Android requires navigating a fragmented world of manufacturers, each running their own version of Android OS and a supply chain set up to serve the consumer. With short life cycles and major OEMs surviving on thin margins from massive volumes, enterprise is left with an unpredictable smartphone supply chain. Enterprise has no choice but to rely on consumer manufacturers for long-term device roadmaps and support.

For medical device companies, FDA and strict industry guidelines make this a serious problem. Clinical trials and certifications often outlast the 12-18 month life cycle of consumer smartphones and tablets. A limited number of working devices leads to a savage hunt for refurbished device models only found in the secondary market.

There is no better example of consumer supply chains failing enterprise than the death of the Nexus line. Six weeks ago, Google announced the Pixel as its entree into flagship smartphones. Google’s Pixel launch signaled the death of Nexus, which had been a popular choice by developers for mobile deployments. The end of the Nexus line marks the impending halt of device supply for thousands of custom operating systems designed to run on Nexus hardware. All across the world, CTOs wondered how they were going to continue to find supply of these devices that are critical to their product.

Here lies the issue with building a custom operating system for a specific device. These companies, having spent months of development time building a custom operating system, are now left with no choice other than to search the dark corners of the device supply chain to keep up with demand. Amazon, device refurbishers, eBay, and secondary markets are device supply sources that we hear all too often. With the constant churn of consumer device life cycles, this becomes a never ending process.

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