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Flexible Pricing

Mason’s four-step pricing plan offers not only the flexibility to choose what you buy, but also how you buy. With Mason, you don’t need to spend millions of dollars up front on custom hardware and infrastructure.


1: Choose Your Hardware

Start by choosing your hardware. Our flagship enterprise hardware products are built with longevity in mind, so you don’t have to worry about them going end-of-life like consumer hardware.


Mason Can Help You Build a Solution

Are you looking for a custom device? We can do that too.

What fits you best

2: Choose a Mason Plan

Whether you’re an early stage startup, a public company or somewhere in between—our Basic, Premium and Enterprise plans allow you to pay for only what you need. Basic will let you go-to-market quickly and Enterprise gives white glove service that scales. Go Premium for the best of both worlds.

Complete the package

3: Additional Mason Services


Global LTE/3G connectivity is available in all Mason devices or purchase Mason SIM cards to integrate directly into your pre-existing devices.


Mason can provide secure, in-house provisioning and help deploy or update your software across your entire device fleet.


No warehouse? No problem. Let Mason Logistics securely store, ship, or dropship your Mason devices to your worldwide customers.


Mason can pair your devices with peripherals, docking stations, other accessories for easy deployment and setup at the final location.


Put your logo on the devices to give your customers a fully customized user experience.

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4: Financing Your Project

Whether you choose to purchase devices outright to lower monthly cost or lease devices to eliminate the up front burden—fitting Mason into your business model has never been easier.

Own Your Devices

Purchase your Mason devices outright and pay for Mason software and additional services* on a monthly or annual basis. *Connectivity is billed monthly based on previous month’s usage

Lease Monthly

Pay a monthly fee per device which includes all your Mason services. When you’re done with your device, simply send it back to us.

“We’ve tried MDMs, we’ve tried building Android from source, but nothing is as fast or reliable as Mason. It just works, and lets us focus on building our app.”

Eric Bloms

Director of Software Development