An all-in-one solution giving you full control over your mobile stack.
Build the product you want without compromising vision, speed, security, or scalability.

Mason Gives You Turn-Key Control Over
Your Mobile Infrastructure

We believe building a smart product should be as easy as building an app. Mason provides the hardware, software, and services to make creating dedicated device solutions fast and simple.


A full portfolio of certified enterprise devices that are versatile, stable, and secure.

Customizable OS

Fully control and standardize the user experience across your entire fleet.

Device Management

Remotely update and support your fleet to ensure uptime and reliability.

Operational Services

Seamlessly deliver and scale your smart products anywhere in the world.Β Β 

Hardware You Can Count On

Mason devices are built with an enterprise-first approach. We want to make sure you have versatile and reliable hardware options to build the best smart products. Check out a few of our hardware options below – or contact us for custom requests.

What Customers Love About Our Hardware

Long Term Stability
3+ year device lifecycles provide a stable and reliable supply to meet your needs.
Globally Deployable
Certifications, data plans and connectivity available in 120+ different countries (model dependent).
Built for Any Use Case
Custom accessory services to let you dream up infinite use cases for a single base form-factor.
Enterprise Ready
Pick from a range of performance tiers, knowing all devices will meet your enterprise security standards.

A Developer First OS to Build the Experience You Want in Minutes

Mason OS is a bloat-free version of Android, paired with developer tools that give
you full control over the device and operating system.
Configure Your OS
500+ low level OS customizations to build the perfect version of Android.
Give Your App Control
SDKs to give your app privileged abilities in the OS.
Modern Developer Tools
A familiar CLI that can integrate into continuous development processes.
Instantaneous Builds
OS build complete in seconds to let you build and iterate quickly.

What Customers Love About Mason OS

Fast & Simple Development
Controlling the OS lets you run your app in a controlled environment, minimizing variables and testing time.
Streamlined for Performance
Mason OS goes back to basics, no consumer bloat or Google Play Services slowing you down.
Standardize Across Your Fleet
Deploy a single, standardized Android OS across your entire device fleet to speed up development and streamline testing.
Continuous Security
We give you granular control without rooting devices, and provide long-term support of Android security patches.
Honestly this is amazing, you guys are blowing me away, this is great… This is exactly what you want as a developer for this kind of use case, it’s exactly what we need. It’s set up like modern build tools are, not this backwards weird thing.
Patrick O'DonnellDir. of Software Development - Zephyr Sleep Technologies

It’s time to get started.

Device Management Suite to Maximize Uptime

Uptime should refer to your devices, not your sleep habits. The Mason Platform puts the control of an OEM at your fingertips.
Reliable Update Infrastructure
Deploy app, OS, and security updates when and how you want.
Remote Support & Control
Support your fleet and control devices with remote commands.
Fleet Monitoring
View device diagnostics including connectivity, location, check-in times, and more.
Customized Grouping
Group devices to configure or update batches of devices separately.

What Customers Love About Mason Device Management

Control Updates
Completely control how and when app, OS, or security updates get deployed to devices in the field.
Upgrade On Your Schedule
Update the Android version on your own schedule to leverage new features when and how you want.
Minimize Support Cost
Standardizing app and OS versions across your fleet lets you spend less time on support and more time building.
Security You Control
No more waiting on OEMs for security patches – deploy them on your own terms as they are released.
Mason gives us control and standardization across our device fleet. Having the same device, running the same OS, and the same app version streamlines our operations and decreases support costs.
Sagar MahliCEO - Swichboard

Operational Services to Scale with Ease

Mason provides the one-stop-shop to seamlessly deliver and scale a complete solution.
Zero Touch Provisioning
Enroll and provision devices with zero-touch – or have them arrive pre-provisioned.
Global Connectivity
LTE, 3G, and 2G Global data plans in over 120 different countries.
On-Demand Fulfillment
White glove services including international warehousing and fulfillment centers available.
Custom Packaging & Kitting
White-label packaging options and customized kitting to meet your unique needs.

What Customers Love About Mason Operational Services

Easy Connectivity
Manage all your data needs through Mason – including global SIM cards and data plans.
Scale Efficiently
Streamline internal ops with tools or leverage our international warehousing and fulfillment services.
All-in-One Packages
Work with a single vendor for everything from hardware to cellular data plans.
Maximize Value
Get the most out of your investment by extending the life cycle of devices with remanufacturing and refurbishing services.
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