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Mason Enterprise OS

Mason OS is a customizable, user-friendly enterprise version of Android. It provides unparalleled control, enabling you to deliver top-notch products while meeting strict security requirements and crafting the perfect user experience.

Mason OS

Unparalleled Control and Minimal Fragmentation

Mason OS addresses common hardware issues by providing a secure and stable foundation for your mobile solution.


Minimize testing and maximize uptime by standardizing the Android version across all your devices.

No Consumer Bloat

Optimize performance, battery life, and UX by removing unnecessary bloatware.

Uncompromising Security

Regular security patches and low-level OS control reduce attack vectors.

Dynamic Control

Configure your base OS in minutes with a YML file or use our SDKs for real-time hardware and UX control.

Experience the Power of Mason OS on Our Enterprise-grade Devices


Why Mason OS is Your Best Choice

Spend your time and resources building great products, not managing your infrastructure. Leverage our logistics services to bring cloud-like elasticity to hardware operations and grow from one device to thousands, magically.

Why Choose Mason OS Over DIY Solutions?

Building your own solution comes with unknowns and risks. Mason OS reduces overhead, accelerates time-to-market, and helps you save time, money, and resources, allowing you to focus on your core value proposition.

The Superiority of Mason OS Over MDM

MDM only addresses part of the problem. Mason OS offers comprehensive fleet management with remote debugging, management, refurbishment tools, analytics, and logging.

The Downfalls of Using Consumer OS

Consumer OS is designed for high turnover and short lifecycle devices. Enterprise needs are neglected, forcing businesses to adapt consumer tech with inadequate support.

Complete Control with Our Web-Based Controller Platform

With Mason OS, you gain full control over when and how your OS updates occur through our intuitive web-based Controller Platform. This ensures that you are always informed about and prepared for updates, maintaining smooth operations and minimizing disruptions.

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Your Proven Partner in Success

Mason OS is preferred by successful firms for its extended device lifecycle, end-to-end update control, and automated workflows that reduce provisioning time. With detailed analytics and logging tools, performance insights are easily accessible.