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Building Dedicated Devices For Your Software Can Be Easy

We’re tired of seeing innovators settle for less. Consumer hardware isn’t versatile, OEM operating systems limit your control, and third-party management solutions fall short of enterprise standards.
Don’t let these things stand in the way of bringing a great product to market. Use Mason to build without compromise.

The Only Solution Giving You
End-to-End Control Over Your Mobile Infrastructure

Mason provides the building blocks that make turning ideas into smart products easy.

Enterprise Hardware

Enterprise Hardware

Connected touchscreen devices that are versatile, secure, and available
for 3+ years.

Customizable OS

Customizable OS

Build your own version of Android to fully control the user experience and standardize the OS across your fleet.

Device Management

Device Management

Granular control over your devices in the field, including remote management and app, OS, and security updates on your schedule.

Operational Services

Operational Services

Everything you need to deploy and scale smart products including zero-touch provisioning, cellular data plans, custom packaging, and more.


Your All-in-One Solution for Industry Disruption

Our goal is to make turning an idea into a smart product seamless.
Mason removes all the roadblocks, so all you have to do is build your app.

Build On Your Terms

Fully control the OS to build the experience you
want on versatile devices.

Fast, Modern Development

A modern, developer-first approach to make building
and testing fast. Go from idea to proof
of concept in 48 hours.

Stable & Reliable Hardware

3+ year device lifecycles bring stability
to your hardware supply.

Uptime. Uptime. Uptime.

End-to-end control over the OS and
updates bring an unprecedented
level of reliability in the field.


We want to make it fast and simple for you to get a dedicated device up and running. Get started at your own pace by ordering a dev kit, diving into our docs, creating an account, or requesting a demo to talk about your needs!