Power your device strategy with one unified platform.

Comprehensive hardware, software, and integrated services to launch your product faster, save costs, and improve your customer experience.

Enterprise Hardware

Purpose-built for enterprise and longevity

  • Ruggedized phone, tablet, and wearable form factors
  • 5+ year device lifecycles
  • Easily integrate and auto-pair with existing compatible devices
  • Extended battery life and refurbishment options


End-to-end control for predictable deployments

  • Control updates and deploy over-the-air
  • Remote viewing and advanced debugging features
  • Lockdown capabilities
  • Easy-to-use APIs and developer tools

Integrated Services

Reach your users on a global scale

  • Certified for 50+ countries
  • All-carrier connectivity
  • Turnkey logistics and shipping capabilities
  • Custom branding and kitting

Mason’s all-in-one platform provides:


Minimize field issues by managing your fleet exactly the way you want to.

  • Controlled updates
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance

Protect and lock down your devices, data, and users from unexpected use.

  • Field visibility
  • Reporting
  • Data and integrations

Mason is your one-stop solution for building, scaling, and managing a smart device ecosystem. Eliminate unnecessary vendors from your stack with one unified platform.

  • Deployment workflows
  • Efficiency
  • Global scalability

Devices built to last


5+ year product lifecycles and global connectivity support

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Mason for clinical trials

One command center for your eCOA solutions

Learn how Mason can help you achieve higher engagement with tailored patient devices.

The results

Speed to market


hours saved on average per provisioned device


device provisioning speed

The scale

Global reach


countries with connectivity support

Multi-Carrier Connectivity

Don’t let limited cellular capabilities hold your business back. Our combined coverage surpasses network limitations with connectivity in 180+ countries, keeping your devices connected wherever your operations take you.

Frequently asked questions


How is your hardware different from consumer options?

Mason’s designed-for-enterprise hardware is built with powerful Qualcomm chipsets and longevity in mind. Devices have a 5+ year lifecycle to avoid interruption of your operations, and guarantee the ability for you to smoothly deploy your products globally with a single SKU.

How are you different from MDM?

Mason is more than a traditional mobile device management solution. With our integrated hardware, software, and services platform, Mason gives you complete control over the entire device stack, all carrier connectivity, enterprise-grade devices, plus software tools like advanced troubleshooting and debugging. See our comparison sheet for Mason vs. MDM to learn more.

What is the Mason Platform?

Mason combines hardware, software, logistics, and connectivity into one, unified platform. Mason is a turnkey, one-stop solution for any global business who needs to distribute and manage hardware with network connectivity. Whether you’re building a medical device component or retail kiosk, we bring the entire tech stack to you in order to build, manage, and scale your device fleet.

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on deployment size and form factor. Mason offers leasing options so you can get started right away with low upfront costs. As a unified platform, Mason enables you to reduce your total cost of ownership for your device fleet, and replaces the need for multiple vendors.

How do I get started with Mason?

Get a demo from one of our experts to see the full capabilities of the Mason platform, tailored for your needs. Your Mason expert will also help you test on a sample device to launch your proof-of-concept in just days. Get your demo today!

Leverage the power of a unified platform

Get a demo of the Mason platform and see how you can go from concept to full fleet rollout in just weeks.