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Mason provides hardware and software for you to build, scale, and manage single-purpose Android devices. Take your app, and launch a white-labeled hardware solution in days, not years.


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How It Works

The Only End-to-End Mobile Infrastructure Solution

Mason gives you turn-key control over every aspect of your mobile infrastructure. Build and scale game changing products without a hardware, firmware, or operations team.

Pick Your Hardware

Select your hardware, with options ranging from wearables to 22" tablets and start building your perfect dedicated device, designed for enterprise security and reliability.

Build the Perfect Experience

Take your device, and build a custom Android OS in minutes. Leverage our SDKs to programmatically control the hardware and UX.

Scale Globally with Ease

Services like zero-touch provisioning, custom kitting, drop shipping, warehousing, and more make it easy to scale from one device to thousands.

Maximize Uptime

Enjoy unprecedented control over your device fleet. Mason gives you remote ADB access, full command over software updates, and APIs to programmatically manage your fleet.

Hardware & Custom OS

Pick from an enterprise hardware portfolio ranging from tablets to wearables, and pair it with developer tools to build a custom Android OS in minutes.

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Device Management

Maximize uptime for device in the field with a developer-first solution that gives you unprecedented control to manage and support your fleet.

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Operations and Logistics

Grow from one device to thousands with operational tools and services that let your team focus on scaling your business, not your infrastructure.

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Solutions for Any Team

Choose Your Role to Get Started

  • Developers
  • Product Managers
  • Operations
  • Executives

Mason for Developers

Mason brings the speed and control of software development to the hardware world. By eliminating challenges like OS fragmentation, short device lifecycles, and “walled gardens”, we make it easy for you to build dedicated devices optimized for your app.

Mason for Product Managers

Our turn-key hardware and software infrastructure gives you the control of building a custom device with the speed of using consumer hardware. Capture the best of both worlds to build amazing solutions without compromising your product vision.

Mason for Operations

Mason brings cloud-like elasticity to your hardware operations with zero-touch provisioning, drop shipping, warehousing, and more. Whether you’re supplementing existing teams or offloading everything onto Mason, we remove the overhead of scaling a hardware business so you can focus on growth.

Mason for Executives

Take over your industry by beating your competition to market with better, more reliable products. Mason gives your teams the tools they need to quickly build, test, and scale innovative hardware solutions and leave second place in the dust.

healthcare smart products

Mason in Your Industry

Innovators use Mason to build game-changing solutions across industries.


Mason is the go-to infrastructure solution for industry leaders across remote patient monitoring, clinical trials, and more. Granular experience control, enterprise security, and unparalleled reliability help you bring life-saving mobile solutions to market.

healthcare smart products

Retail & Payments

Differentiate yourself from competitors, and bring innovative new solutions to your retail and hospitality customers. From POS solutions, to associate tablets, to ordering kiosks, Mason lets you easily create the perfect white-labeled hardware experience for your software.


Secure, reliable, and customizable hardware infrastructure provides companies serving the public sector the ability to deploy innovative solutions across education, corrections, public safety, and more.

Your App + Mason = Endless Possibilities

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