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why we show up

Our Mission

We aim to enable our customers to build smart and sustainable products on behalf of humanity.

Our Values

Masons are a diverse, inclusive group brought together by our
shared values that guide us in how we work together and show up for each other.


We are the
Stage Crew

Our customers are the main event and we enable them to be their best. We are obsessed with how our customers WIN.


Add Value

Interactions, at every level, mean something. As a Mason, we believe it’s our job to be fully present and add value in every setting.


Be Inclusive

Solving large, diverse problems requires creative and diverse teams. We can’t possibly build the best products that support incredible humans without actively seeking to foster a diverse and inclusive environment.


Owners Be Owning

As owners we show up, communicate our steps, and are accountable for results. When we see an opportunity to add value we actively rally the team and seek help where needed.


Trust and

Be Trustworthy

Masons build trust for their teams and their customers through radical candor, setting aggressive yet attainable goals and communicating the hard stuff, often.




Masons are enthusiastic, and act with courage and resolve. We lean on our strength of character and show up with positive intensity to get the job done.

where we are headed

Our Vision

To be the platform of choice, built by a diverse community of individuals, working on behalf of humanity, creating opportunity and enabling anyone, anywhere to innovate.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

A diverse workforce with a broad range of perspectives fosters an environment of trust, collaboration, and innovation. And those effects reach all the way to our customers.

Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is feeling comfortable enough to take risks and feel vulnerable in front of your team members and peers. When we strive to foster an environment of safety, belonging, equity and diversity it nurtures our innovation and brings us closer to our vision. We are constantly working toward being a better workplace that positively impacts the communities our team members and partners call home.

Equitable Opportunities

To keep our values aligned with our behavior and organizational structure we aim to eliminate barriers, then strategically create and reinforce positive practices to product equitable opportunities and empower every Mason, especially those from underrepresented communities. We cannot possibly build smart and sustainable products without diverse and inclusive teams.

Be Seen, Validated, and Welcomed

Belonging, psychological safety, and inclusivity unlock a Mason’s full potential. We don’t want Masons to quietly assimilate into a dominant culture and sacrifice a piece of themselves. We want our team members to be seen, validated, and welcomed. Although we still have a long way to go, when we engage with our team members and listen to their unique stories, we benefit.

Perks & Benefits

In addition to the amazing people that make up our team, Mason offers some great benefits to make the job a little sweeter. We value a healthy, balanced and happy day-to-day.


Employees are empowered to work in an environment where they do their best work, whether it’s at home, at the office, or somewhere else. We offer three work styles to meet employees where they best thrive: fully remote, in-office, or hybrid.

Paid Time Off

Time off is essential for the well-being of Masons. We want you to take care of yourself with a flexible PTO plan or generous accrued PTO, and added monthly mental health days during the pandemic.

Health Insurance

Full premium payments of medical, vision, and dental insurance for employees and their dependents.

Wellness Programs

We provide up to $100 per month reimbursement for fitness classes or gym memberships to help our Masons stay healthy and continue to thrive.

Catered Lunch & Snacks

Lunch is provided twice a week, plus plenty of drinks, snacks, and a well-stocked kitchen full of goodies.

Parental Leave

Caring for a newborn is an exciting time for parents! We offer 16 weeks of paid parental leave.

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