Purpose-built devices made easy

Mason handles the hardest parts of building and scaling a hardware business, so you can focus on creating great products. By combining our enterprise devices with developer-first software, we give you the tools and control you need to bring innovative hardware solutions to market.

Ready to start building?

Create your account, order a Dev Kit, and get your proof-of-concept built in 48 hours or less.

Hardware & OS

Build your prototype

Our turn-key enterprise devices paired with developer tools to customize the OS and UX provide everything you need to build a proof-of-concept in under 48 hours.

“This is exactly what you want as a developer for this kind of use case. It’s set up like modern build tools.”

Patrick O’Donnell
Director of Software Development

Integrated Device Fleet Management

Manage your fleet with Controller

More than an MDM — our developer-first management solution is fully integrated with the hardware and Mason OS, giving you unprecedented control to programmatically support and manage your fleet.

“Mason gives us control and standardization across our device fleet. Having the same device, running the same OS, and the same app version streamlines our operations and decreases support costs.”

Sagar Mahli

Operations & Logistics

Scale your business with logistics services

Managing hardware is hard. Mason streamlines everything from warehousing and logistics to data plans so your team can focus on scaling your business, not your infrastructure.

“Mason gave us the tools we needed to 10x our operational output, scale globally, increase quality, and provide a differentiated product that is now embraced by the top pharmaceutical companies in the world.”

Carl Franzetti
Director of Supply Chain Operations

Ready to start building?

Create your account, order a Dev Kit, and get your proof-of-concept built in 48 hours or less.

How it Works

Building a product with Mason

Bringing smart hardware products to market should be as seamless as launching an app. We’re here to make it possible to bring your innovative solutions to life.

Create an account

Create your free Mason account to get familiar with our platform, order Dev Kits, explore our docs, and download the Mason CLI.

Order a Dev Kit

Browse our Dev Kits ranging from wearables to tablets and pick a device to start prototyping your product. Don’t see something that fits? Contact us to learn more about hardware customization.

Create your proof-of-concept

Configure your custom Android OS, upload your artifacts (apps, boot-up animations, and more), integrate any of our SDKs, and you’ll have a purpose-built device ready to test in less than 48 hours.

Validate with a pilot

Test your proof-of-concept to collect feedback, validate features, and work out any kinks. Pilots can range from two weeks to six months, but ultimately end in a production-ready product that’s ready to scale.

Manage & support your fleet

Minimize downtime with fully integrated fleet management tools and help from our all-star support team. From software updates to device refurbishing, we’re there to help you deliver world-class products.

Scale from one to thousands

Enhance existing operations teams with our operational tools, or offload everything onto Mason. Whether you’re shipping a hundred devices locally or thousands globally, we’re set up to help make scaling seamless.

Your app + Mason = Endless possibilities

Request a demo to learn more or create a free account to start building your prototype.