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Global Connectivity, Without Overpaying

Stay connected with global cellular data plans provided by Mason. Whether you’re leveraging cellular as a primary or backup connectivity option, our turnkey plans are available with competitive rates and unparalleled flexibility.

Supercharged LTE, 3G and 2G

Build Internet-connected products powered by Tier 1 carriers all over the world. Give your product the best connection without breaking the bank.

One SIM Card

Simplify logistics with a single Mason SIM card that works globally and switches operators dynamically.

180+ Countries

Expand internationally while keeping costs low. Take advantage of Mason’s ever expanding in-country carrier relationships.

Automated Activation

Eliminate manual steps by configuring SIMs to activate automatically when they start using data.

Zero Setup

Vertically integrate Mason Connectivity with Mason devices for a connected-by-default solution. No complicated setup, AT Commands, or APN configuration, and no need for a 3rd party MDM.

All SIM Form Factors Supported

Connect any device with SIM cards that are available in all form factors, including 2FF and eSIM profile.

Comparing Connectivity Strategies

Mason is a Goldilocks Solution


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Ultimate Reporting & Control

Maintain ultimate control over your fleet’s data usage by setting alerting thresholds, generating account level and device-specific reports, and using APIs to analyze usage trends. Mason offers the tools to help you optimize your data consumption, rather than to drive it up.

  • Granular Reporting
  • APIs for Analytics
  • Programmatic SIM Management
  • Usage Alerts

Visualize data consumption at an account level or generate reports with individual device usage for billing.

Gain insights into your fleet with Connectivity APIs that allow advanced querying, searching, and extension.

Easily automate SIM Management operations or build your own dashboards for managing SIMs.

Identify anomalous activity in your account by setting data usage alerts on your account or individual SIMs.

Data Pricing

Spend less time worrying about costs and negotiating rates with connectivity operators. Leverage Mason’s network  to get the benefits of buying wholesale, without massive upfront commitments.

Pay for What You Need

Reduce overhead with Mason’s pay-per-megabyte data pricing so you’ll never buy more data than what you need.

Frictionless Scaling

Use the same platform for prototyping and production with self-service ordering and fulfillment services.

No Roaming Charges

Mobilize your deployments freely with no roaming charges and transparent international pricing with Mason Connectivity.


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