Mason for Software Developers

Develop and manage hardware products like modern software

Unlock new possibilities when you have end-to-end control over everything, from the hardware and OS to update infrastructure and connectivity management. Easily build hardware dedicated to your software. Made for developers, by developers.

Why Developers Love Mason

Developer-First Hardware Solutions

Hardware doesn’t have to be hard.

Fast, Fearless Development

Build a custom Android OS in seconds. Use a simple YML file to standardize the OS across your fleet — increasing reliability and decreasing testing time.

Control through Code

Control every aspect of your development with code — from OS configuration to hardware functionality to update conditions.

Speed through Automation

Use automation to spend less time testing, releasing, and provisioning, and more time building great features.

Predictable Hardware

Build your app for consistent, reliable infrastructure. Stop spending cycles refactoring and testing every time consumer hardware changes.

A Modern, Dev-First Tool Kit

Modern products and features designed to make building mobile products fast and fun.


Leverage our CLI to register artifacts, start OS builds, make deployments, and more. Designed to enable modern workflows, the CLI allows you to bring CI/CD to your mobile product development.


From managing your fleet of devices, to giving your app control of the hardware, to analyzing your cellular data usage, everything at Mason is available through a developer friendly API.

Immutable OS

Bring Docker-like predictability to deployments by packaging all your artifacts— including a custom OS, your apps, and media— into a single immutable image that can be deployed to your fleet.

Remote Access

Streamline testing and debugging with real-time remote ADB access to any device in your fleet. Pull logs, manage files, or even remotely control the device to quickly troubleshoot issues in the field.

“Honestly this is amazing, you guys are blowing me away…This is exactly what you want as a developer for this kind of use case, it’s exactly what we need. It’s set up like modern build tools are, not this backwards weird thing.”

Patrick O’Donnell

Director of Software Development

By the Numbers

Developing on Mason


OS configs


hours saved per deployment

1 sec

OS builds


time saved debugging

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