Scale Your Business with Reliable Hardware & Infrastructure

Easily deploy remote patient monitoring solutions with Mason’s all-in-one mobile tools. Whether building a hub, monitoring devices, or a telehealth platform, Mason has the tools you need. Create secure, reliable, dedicated telehealth and continuous monitoring experiences, and scale them seamlessly.

Data collection hubs

Build a secure way to transfer data between accessories, monitoring devices and your server or the cloud.

Monitoring devices

Pair or source monitoring devices and peripherals to suit your patient needs. Integrate them seamlessly with a hub and each other.

Telehealth devices

Build your own Qualcomm processor powered doctor-in-a-box or patient portal for remote care.

Wearables for fall detection

Critical in-home care designed for data collection, with robust sensors, features and functionality.

Medication alerts or pill dispensers

Automate these flows, to improve and enhance your patient experience.

Build Products As Envisioned

What will you build next?

Hardware & OS

Say goodbye to device and OS fragmentation with one global SKU

Our turn-key enterprise devices and custom Android OS ensure device reliability, so you can scale your business while focusing on your ideal product and customer experience.

Platform & Tooling

End-to-end control

More than an MDM—our developer-first management solution is fully integrated with Mason’s hardware and OS, giving you unprecedented control to programmatically support and manage your fleet.

Logistics & Operations

Reduce overhead and increase your speed to market

With services like zero-touch provisioning, kitting, fulfillment, certifications and data plans, Mason can help you scale with ease. Ship fully loaded devices straight to your customer’s door. So you can focus on your ideal customer experience starting from the minute they receive your devices.

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