One command center for your eCOA solutions

Customized operating system

Create your own secure operating system across all studies

Monitor study devices

One dashboard to monitor and triage studies

Scale globally

Reduce connectivity and import headaches with our global solutions

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Deliver improved trial outcomes and unlock savings with the Mason platform

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Comprehensive control of your patient and clinician experiences

Enhance clinical trials with our high-performance,
secure patient smartphones and clinician tablets.

Enjoy a 5-year lifecycle and stable supply, with a
customized OS for complete app control.



Leverage Mason as your operational platform

Data Control & Security

Full control over end user experiences with advanced platform tools and security features

Performance & Longevity

Devices purpose built for eCOA, ready for 5+ year studies with reliable supply

Global Coverage

Multi-carrier coverage in 50+ countries—one device for all

Why eCOA innovators
choose Mason

Competitive product advantage

Customized to fit your patient and clinician needs

Accelerated global operations

Scale quickly with global, multi-carrier connectivity 

Quality designed for eCOA
Achieve complete control over software and ensure 5+ year study operations

Dedicated expert support
Access top-tier technical support to ensure your studies run seamlessly

Since 2015, we’ve served…


clinical trials



“With global clinical trials on the rise, healthcare innovators need one connected ecosystem to manage the solutions they provide without compromising data integrity. We’ve found this in Mason. Mason’s commitment to hardware innovation was the catalyst to our success in streamlining patient studies and delivering medical access to end users all over the world.”

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Everything you need to manage and deliver on global studies

Frequently asked questions


How is your hardware different from consumer options?

Mason’s designed-for-enterprise hardware is built with powerful Qualcomm chipsets and longevity in mind. Our patient diary smartphones and clinician tablets have a 5+ year lifecycle to avoid interruption of your trials and site operations,and simplify global deployments with a single SKU.

How are you different from MDM?

Mason is more than a traditional mobile device management solution. With our integrated hardware, software, and services platform, Mason gives you complete control over the entire device stack, all carrier connectivity, enterprise-grade devices, plus software tools like advanced troubleshooting and debugging. See our comparison sheet for Mason vs. MDM to learn more.

How do I get started with Mason?

Get a demo from one of our experts to see the full capabilities of Mason’s eCOA solutions. Your Mason expert help you launch your proof-of-concept in just days. Get your demo today!

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on deployment size and structure Mason offers leasing options so you can get started right away with low upfront costs. As a unified platform, Mason enables you to reduce your total cost of ownership, and replaces the need for multiple vendors.

Do you support peripheral devices like blood pressure cuffs and glucometers?

We can help streamline studies that require peripheral devices through our advance platform tools. Schedule a free consult with a Mason expert to learn more.

What countries do you support for certification and cellular coverage?

Our devices come with global certifications and cellular coverage. We’ve shipped worldwide to support over 200+ trials across continents.