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Mason for eCOA

Launch a secure and reliable global eCOA device ecosystem

Save time and resources with Mason’s integrated eCOA device platform. Bring your app — we handle the rest.

Products Offered

Handhelds, tablets, and smartwatches specifically designed for eCOA

End-to-end control, long-lived, always-connected devices mean you can run longer, secure clinical trials with advanced data security and better patient engagement.

Patient diaries

Connected handhelds certified in dozens of countries (including most EU nations, China, Japan, and Canada), with swappable battery and 5-year lifecycles.

Telehealth portals

Connect patients and professionals with ease. Biometric and facial authentication pair with a secure operating system for unparalleled data security.

Patient wearables

Never skip a beat — literally. Collect data via wearable biometric sensors recording skin temperature, SpO2, PPD and ECG heart rate, and more.

Save time and costs

Proven ROI in scaling clinical trials globally


devices deployed


countries with active Mason devices


savings on device-related costs


device provisioning speed


Launch your clinical trials faster. Maximize data collection. Minimize risk.

Mason provides everything you need to launch secure and reliable eCOA devices. All you need to bring is your app.

Streamlined, secure data collection

Don’t miss out on critical data. Long device lifecycles of 5+ years with repair and refurbishment options, always-on connectivity, ample battery life, and more means your global study benefits from uninterrupted data collection. Lock down your device with integrated custom OS capabilities.

Save costs and focus on your customer experience

Mason is a single-point solution that brings together everything you need into one platform. With long-lasting devices and one vendor, you can count on Mason to reduce your total cost of ownership. Plus, with leasing options, you can get started right away with low upfront costs. Let Mason take care of your eCOA device operations so you can focus on your customer experience.

Integrate with existing systems and devices

Create your ideal patient and provider experience with an Android-based operating system that can be configured to your exact specifications. Pair with peripheral devices or different Mason form factors to create your device ecosystem. Fully leverage your app’s technology with our biometric sensors, health monitors, authentication tech, and more.

Get Started with Mason

Leverage the power of a unified eCOA device platform


A high-performance, reliable device ecosystem for eCOA

Make your device experience a selling point for your clinical trials and ePRO, not a liability. Mason streamlines your processes and reduces your costs with our integrated hardware, software, and logistics platform.

Blank-slate devices built for enterprise

Our wide range of blank-slate devices will cater to your every need. From wearable health monitors to ePRO diaries to data collection hubs, our tablets, handheld devices, and smartwatches are adaptable and highly functional. To ensure device longevity, we offer ruggedization options, extending lifecycles and limiting trial interruptions.

Designed with security in mind

Experience the revolutionized Mason OS, empowering you to own every aspect of user experience, right from a branded unboxing to a fully customized operating system. Remote device management simplifies tasks, including provisioning, debugging, over-the-air updates, and data wiping. Our fully configurable Android-based OS minimizes costly development time, software bloat, and saves on device replacement costs.

Your safety net across ops and logistics

Streamline your device ecosystem with our controlled supply chain, making it easier to bring your trial to market ahead of competitors. We manage every aspect of your experience, from hardware sourcing and data connectivity to logistics and device management. With Mason, implementation takes just weeks, not years, helping you focus on your app while we take care of the rest.

Reliable support for both everyday and the unexpected

Our customer-centric approach ensures reliable support for both everyday tasks and the unexpected. Access a dedicated customer success team and submit feature requests. With direct support, you can avoid unexpected updates that require regulatory approval.

Featured Case Study

We know what it takes to compete in the healthcare space. Read about how one remote patient monitoring (RPM) company revolutionized their offering with Mason.


A simple solution to a complex problem

Let Mason handle the complexity of managing a complete device ecosystem so you can focus on creating and delivering on patient outcomes.

Faster speed to market
Save developer resources and replacement costs
Simplified, streamlined processes
Control your entire user experience
Fully manage device behavior
Responsive, expert support

Everything you need for your eCOA device strategy

Supercharge your clinical trials with Mason’s unified platform.