Mason for Product Managers

Mobile Building Blocks Designed for Product Visionaries

Build uncompromising, integrated mobile solutions. Customize for the best user experience, and ship faster than ever before.

Why Product Managers Love Mason

Your Vision. Your Products. Your Way.

Stop letting consumer devices or custom hardware timelines compromise your product vision. Mason makes it fast and easy to build mobile products the way you want.

End-to-End Control

Delight customers and control every aspect of the user experience, from the hardware to the OS.

A Blank Canvas

From packaging to the bootup animation, Mason provides a blank canvas to create a white-labeled experience.

Fast, Iterative, Agile

Build and iterate on hardware experiences faster than ever before, and bring an agile approach to your mobile products.

Uncompromising Reliability

Fewer bugs and more uptime let you focus on launching new features, not fixing old ones.

Versatile. Stable. Fast.

Our products provide the versatility of building from scratch with the stability of mature infrastructure, and the speed of off-the-shelf solutions.

Flexible hardware foundation

Mason devices provide a stable, but flexible starting point for building mobile products, designed to be compatible with your off-the-shelf accessories.

Dynamic UX

Development tools integrated with the hardware and OS give you control over every end-user interaction. From how updates are installed, to what happens when the power button is pressed, build your product your way.

White-Labeled Experience

Mason is the stage crew, you’re the star of the show. From customizing packaging to controlling the bootup animation, we make sure your brand comes first.

“We’ve launched two products on Mason now. The confidence we have in their hardware and OS lets us focus on our core products, not the underlying infrastructure.”

Todd Westby


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