Build, Customize, Iterate

Enterprise Hardware & OS

Seamlessly combine enterprise-grade hardware with a secure and customizable Android OS. Control everything from the boot-up animation to the hardware functionality to create perfect purpose-build device for your app.

Purpose built hardware

Reliable Enterprise Devices

Designed from the ground up to solve common hardware pain-points—our device portfolio provides a secure and stable foundation to start building your complete mobile solution.

Endless Lifecycle

No more worrying about consumer devices going end-of-life. Our hardware is strategically designed to maximize the device lifecycle.

Global SKUs

Engineered for world-wide connectivity, our global cellular coverage and certifications make scaling anywhere easy.

Enterprise Security

Manufactured in accordance with leading security standards, we make sure your devices stay safe and secure at all times.

Flexible Form Factors

Our devices are designed with modularity in mind. Adapt a base form factor to your use case with a custom or off-the-shelf accessories.

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Reliable Enterprise Devices

Hardware Designed to Deliver Your Vision

  • Form Factors
  • Performance
  • Connectivity
  • Customizable
A Reliable, Versatile Portfolio

Durability meets modern design in a versatile hardware portfolio ranging from wearables to large touchscreen kiosks. Build for any use case, and rest easy with our reliable supply chain.

Performance Without Compromise

When it comes to performance, we provide a range of options to meet your needs without over-building. By using strictly Qualcomm chipsets, we ensure that even our entry-level devices don’t sacrifice quality.

Globally Connected

Staying connected is critical to supporting and managing a distributed fleet of devices. With global LTE connectivity in over 130 countries, you won’t miss a beat.

Intentional Versatility

There’s no one-size fits all—that’s why we designed our devices to be modular and adaptable to any use case. Whether you’re embedding the device or designing an accessory, we make launching bespoke solutions fast and easy.

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Mason OS

Unparalleled Control with Mason OS

Mason OS is an enterprise version of Android designed to be completely customizable. Whether you have strict security requirements or you simply want to create the best user experience, Mason OS provides the control you need to deliver world-class products.

No More Fragmentation

Standardize the Android version running across all your devices to minimize testing and maximize uptime.

No Consumer Bloat

Strip away all the unnecessary bloat to create a clean OS that’s optimized for performance, battery life, and UX.

Uncompromising Security

Secure your fleet with regular security patches, plus low-level OS control to reduce attack vectors.

Dynamic Control

Configure your base OS in minutes with a YML file or leverage our SDKs to dynamically control the hardware and UX in real-time.

Mason OS

Limitless Potential with 1-Minute OS Builds

Build your base OS in minutes with a simple configuration file. The low-level changes give you unprecedented control, security, and let you become the OEM.

    Low-Level Control
  • Camera
  • Screen Capture
  • Status Bar
  • Power Settings
  • Screen Rotation
  • Boot-Up Animation
  • More
Mason OS

Dynamic Control with Mason SDKs

Use the Mason SDKs to let your app interface directly with the OS to dynamically control the UX. Create logic for enabling/disabling OS features, manage updates, set system settings, and more. Build your product the way you want.

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From clinical trials to remote monitoring to patient engagement, healthcare companies choose Mason for their critical mobile infrastructure.

Retail & Hospitality

Mobile POS and ordering kiosks designed for modularity provide the speed and versatility to gain a competitive edge and beat the competition.


From public safety to corrections, Mason’s security and reliability give innovators the power to modernize legacy solutions in place today.

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