Mason for Government

Secure, Modern Government Mobility Solutions

Bring innovative mobile solutions to market for public safety, education, corrections and more. Our hardware and software building blocks provide the critical infrastructure to build secure, reliable products for the public sector.

Wearables for First Responders

Hands-free applications are more critical than ever in emergency situations and in ambulatory systems. Explore Mason’s wearable technology for first responders, with cellular connectivity built in.

Locked Down Tablets for Corrections

Education and connections with loved ones are an important part of combating recidivism. By leveraging Mason, correctional institutions are building tamper-proof digital education and communication devices for inmates.

Dedicated Device for Remote Education

Creative tools for tele-education and distance learning are needed now more than ever — especially for those without access to expensive computers. Mason’s cellular connected tablets are plug and play for students around the world.

Survey and Census Tablets

Many industries are moving away from paper and pencil surveying to improve data accuracy and integrity. Our dedicated tablets are the perfect fit for door to door surveyors, petitions, and census workers.

Completely Control Your Entire Mobile Stack

Build the most secure and reliable mobile products with turn-key control over every aspect of your hardware and software stack.

Low Level OS Control

Tailor the Mason OS to your exact needs in minutes. Remove or configure over 500 components of the OS to create a secure, purpose-built user experience.

Your Device, Your Software

Every byte of software running on your devices — from the OS to the apps — is defined by you and deployed through our platform. Minimize security vulnerabilities, ensure uninterrupted user experience, and limit variability across your fleet.

Locked Down, the Right Way

Build a truly dedicated and locked down experience. With no end-user app store or consumer OS hiding behind an MDM, you can ensure your mobile products are dedicated to only your software.

Configurable, Versatile Hardware

Transform our base tablet, handheld, and wearable devices into a bespoke solution tailored to meet any use case. Pair our devices with off-the-shelf accessories, design a custom enclosure, or build a branded case to get all the advantages of building hardware from the ground up, without the upfront cost. Mason customers have built:

  • Custom tamper-proof case with Mason D450 for corrections environments
  • Custom payments module with Mason D450 for self-serve micromarkets
  • Custom dock for Mason F210 for warehouses

“Mason just works. We can rely on their hardware and OS, and focus all our engineering time on building the core application with complete confidence in underlying infrastructure.”

Dewey Wahlin, CEO

TurnKey Corrections

Keep your fleet connected, everywhere

Secure your fleet with the most reliable cellular connectivity. Whether your devices are on the go, or you just need a backup to wifi, Mason Connectivity ensures you can connect to your devices anytime, anywhere. Designed for the enterprise, our connectivity platform includes:

  • One SIM that connects to 340+ carriers for global, redundant coverage
  • Turn-key setup with pre-installed SIMs
  • Alerting and monitoring for suspicious activity or stolen SIMs