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Push Boundaries with Winning Mobile Solutions

Use dedicated mobile products to stand out from the competition, create unmatched customer experiences, and make your software the star.


The Ease of Software, with the Edge of Hardware

Mason’s comprehensive solution — from designed-for-enterprise devices to worldwide logistics — lets you create the end-to-end experience of dedicated hardware quickly and easily.

Low Friction Hardware

Launch bespoke mobile solutions without the time and capital investment of building hardware from ground up.

Speed Wins

Build, test, and validate new hardware concepts on software timelines and budgets.

Delight Customers

Escape restricting consumer devices to create the best UX and most reliable product to set the standard for your industry.

Win with Dedicated Solutions

In a world where everyone can download an app to a smartphone or tablet, why go with a dedicated device?

Captivating User Experience

Dedicated devices let you completely control the user experience, from how the hardware functions, to the branding of the boot-up animation, to when software updates happen. Differentiate from competitors, build your brand, and delight customers.

Speed to Market

BYOD requires building and testing your app across multiple devices sizes, platforms, and OS variants. Dedicated devices reduce the number of moving parts so your teams can go to market faster.

Reliability & Uptime

The control provided by dedicated devices lets you build a more reliable app and product. Spend less time identifying and fixing bugs, and more time building and shipping new features.

“We’ve launched two new products on Mason now. The confidence we have in their hardware and OS lets us focus on our core products, not the underlying infrastructure.”

Todd Westby


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