Reliable, Powerful, Programmatic

Modern Mobile Device Management

Leverage our management and support suite to to solidify your reputation as the most reliable product on the market. Powerful automation and granular control help you deliver unprecedented uptime.

Device Management

More Than an MDM

Maximize uptime and deliver world-class support with a fleet management suite designed to provide end-to-end control over your devices.

Frictionless, Turnkey Setup

Controller is ready to go from day zero, baked into the OS with no setup or 3rd party software required.

Updates—On Your Terms

No unexpected updates from OEMs breaking your app. All changes to your devices are 100% controlled by you.

Predictable Deployments

Deploy an immutable software image containing your apps and OS configurations, ensuring consistency across your entire fleet.

Modern Workflows

Say hello to streamlined automation. Our APIs let you build logic to manage everything from updates to remote actions on devices.

Remote Commands

Secure and Manage Your Fleet with Remote Commands

  • Web Portal
  • Push Notifications
  • Mason APIs
Easy, Turnkey Commands

Our easy-to-use web portal provides the basic commands you need to support your fleet. Secured with user-specific permissions, you never have to worry about unapproved members deploying remote commands.

Customizable Notifications

Leverage our push infrastructure to send notifications to your app or end-users. Fast and easy to set up, these provide a secure and configurable way to communicate with your client device.

Powerful APIs

Build programmatic logic to send remote commands directly to devices and automatically wipe data, check for updates, shut-down, or restart devices on your terms.

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App, OS, & Security Updates on Your Terms

Deploy software to your dedicated devices like modern web-servers with fully controlled app, OS, and security updates.

CLI Updates

Deploy updates manually via the Mason CLI. Update parameters can be defined at the OS level, or forced down immediately.

App Controlled Updates

Use the Mason SDK to give your app full control and build logic for when app, OS, or security updates and downloaded and installed.


Modernize your software deployments and integrate updates with your current CI/CD pipelines via our CLI.

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Monitor & Support

Maximize Uptime & Level-Up Support

Our integrated support tools provide granular insights about your devices so you can identify and fix issues faster, delivering world-class service to your customers.

  • Remote ADB
  • Remote View & Control
  • Connectivity Insights
  • Fleet Monitoring

Remotely ADB into any Mason device to pull real-time logs, debug apps, bring up a Unix shell, and more. This one-of-a-kind tool can help support users and quickly troubleshoot issues that devices may be experiencing in the field.

View and control any device in your fleet to provide real-time, hands-on support for your users. Ready to go out of the box, users with the appropriate permissions can access this powerful feature from within the Mason Controller Platform.

View up-to-date insights into your fleet’s cellular data usage to understand how much data is being consumed, which apps are using the most data, and how you can continually optimize your usage to reduce costs.

Continuously monitor your fleet to ensure devices stay online, receive the latest updates, are connected appropriately, and more. View all this data in our web portal, or access it via the Mason API to set up alerts or integrate with outside tools.

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