Customizable Smartwatch for Enterprises

The Mason A4100 Smartwatch

A blank slate for innovators to build enterprise-class smart device products, without limits to feature and software customization. The A4100 can be customized for dedicated use cases, including patient monitoring, hospitality, fitness or employee safety.


Unparalleled Control with Masons OS + Platform

The A4100 is the newest form factor build with Mason OS, an enterprise version of Android designed to be completely customizable. Use Mason’s platform or our SDK and APIs to manage your fleet of devices and have complete control over your user experience.

Easy Scalability

Say goodbye to hardware and OS fragmentation. With features like global cellular coverage, certifications, logistics and extended hardware lifecycles, you can scale your business with easy.’

Dynamic Control

Configure your base OS in minutes with a YML file, use our SDKs to control the hardware and UX in real-time. Leverage a rich API set to manage your fleet inside your own workflow, or via our platform.

Updates—On Your Terms

No unexpected updates from OEMs breaking your app. All changes to your devices are 100% controlled by you.

No Consumer Bloat

Strip away all the unnecessary bloat to create a clean OS that’s optimized for performance, battery life, and UX.


A Flexible Smart Device Made For Enterprise

This device has been designed with modularity in mind, including accessories like the removable strap that allows it to be converted from a traditional watch form factor to a stand alone device.

Built For Enterprise

We’ve built the A4100 to be prepared for any industry environment, equipping it with features like biometric sensors, IP67 certification, extended battery life, GPS capabilities and more.

Equipped With Biometric Sensors

The A4100 is equipped with all the latest wearable technology including heart rate monitoring, Sp02 levels, body temperature, movement tracking, Electrocardiography (ECG), proximity sensors and respiratory rate.

Custom Mason Design

Designed in-house, the A4100 is the only device of its kind in hardware and software. All new user-interface designs making your provisioning experience simple and efficient.

Focus On What Matters

The Mason A4100 Smartwatch is compatible with all Mason services, we take care of the hardware and you can focus on application development and your ideal user experience.

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Interested in the A4100?

Develop and Deliver Dedicated Devices

With Mason, all you need to do is add your app and design your customer experience, we take care of everything else.


Our turn-key enterprise devices and custom Android OS ensure device reliability, so you can scale your business while focusing on your ideal product and customer experience.

Platform and Tooling

More than an MDM—our developer-first management solution is fully integrated with Mason’s hardware and OS, giving you unprecedented control to programmatically support and manage your fleet.


With services like zero-touch provisioning, kitting, fulfillment, certifications and data plans, Mason can help you scale with ease. Ship fully loaded devices straight to your customer’s door. So you can focus on your ideal customer experience starting from the minute they receive your devices.