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Device Specifications G450

Device Specifications G450

The newest addition to our G-Class of devices, this 10.1” tablet includes our signature 450 chipset, global LTE bands, certification for more than 50 countries, and Pogo Pins for versatility. Perfect for retail, sign-in kiosks, clinical trials, medical devices, logistics, and more—this device is designed to be flexible for any use case.

We design enterprise hardware built to last and grow with your business. Below, you’ll find information on the Mason hardware series and associated form factors:

A Class1” form factor (smart watch, etc)
B Class2-4” form factor
C Class4-5.0” form factor
D Class6” form factor
F Class8” form  factor
G Class10 ” form factor
H Class13.3” form factor
I  Class18-21.5” form factors

Low: 200 Series Qualcomm Chip
Med: 400 Series Qualcomm Chip
High: 600 Series Qualcomm Chip

How do I use this information?

Understanding the device class and series will help you select a device that meets the needs of your product. If your application is fairly simple and doesn’t require too many resources you may opt for the lower end device in the 200 series which translates to cost savings. Or perhaps you are building an AI/Machine learning product that needs to use computer vision? A 400 or 600 series would perform better for that use case.

Love it, now what?

Once you’ve landed on a device class and form factor you like take a checkout the detailed specs by downloading the data sheet below. it seems like a match, Sign up for a Mason Account to get started. Once your Mason account is created you can Order A DevKit for your team to start evaluating the hardware and testing your application.

Don’t see a device that meets your needs today? Contact to talk about what’s on our roadmap and custom solutions. 
For more information about devices and Mason OS, visit our docs page.
For detailed config reference documentation, visit our docs page.


Device Specifications