High Performance Websockets on Android | Webinar

Building high performance, real-time applications on mobile devices comes with a unique set of challenges.

In this webinar, Stefanie Kondik, Director of Software Engineering at Mason, joins hands with DZone to explore building high performance web sockets on Android. We’ll take you through building a multi-user chat application using web sockets, in this case, with a Netty client and then deploying it to a dedicated device bank, using Mason.

You will learn:

  • How to build a high performance Netty client that talks to a golang service
  • How to build and use Netty’s native epoll connector on Android
  • Deploying the application to multiple Android tablets
  • Leveraging Java and Kotlin for this build
  • Understanding offline and background usage of the application

About Stefanie Kondik

An industry veteran of 20+ years, Stefanie has a passion for technology in all forms. Her experience spans tech, healthcare, media, mobile, and VR at various companies including Samsung and Oculus. Her Android background is deep – she founded the CyanogenMod open source project and later the startup Cyanogen Inc. where she served as Chief Technology Officer. From embedded systems to digital audio, Stefanie knows her tech and she knows how to build great and diverse engineering teams. Stefanie joined Mason two years ago as a Principal Software Engineer, and today she leads our software efforts as Director of Software Engineering.