How to overcome challenges in hardware development

Building hardware takes time and can come with a myriad of challenges.

In this webinar, Gee Weiden, Head of Hardware Engineering at Mason, brings her years of experience in product development to share key learnings to help hardware developers bring devices to market faster and with less friction. 

You will learn:

  • The importance of internal team alignment
  • Key success metrics to identify and track
  • How a strong beta program can save time in the long run
  • How to rethink your project management methodology
  • How to leverage internal and external partners to scale

About Gee Weiden

Gee has been in cutting edge hardware development for 25+ years. She has brought mobile, IoT and wearable devices to market for big players such as Amazon, Fitbit, Microsoft and more. At Mason, Gee combines her technical depth with business acumen to provide value to the company and our customers. She is interested in bringing a new mindset and new techniques to improve our practice in development