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Integrating Mason CLI into a CI/CD Pipeline

In today’s world of constantly shifting priorities, demanding customer expectations and opportunities for new product development, product and engineering teams need to quickly evolve to speed up the launch and releases of new products and features. In 2014 Marc Andreessen wrote, a company’s ability to “shorten cycle times” will “determine the winners and losers in tech”1.

He describes how companies will increasingly face a world where faster software delivery and shorter “cycle times” will broadly determine the success of all technology companies. This leaves organizations big and small with the challenge of rethinking how they release software to shorten time to market so that they can beat out the competition.

What you’ll learn about in this white paper:

  • Speeding up Software Delivery
  • Complexities of Dedicated Devices
  • Treating Device Configuration as Code
  • The Mason Smart Device Platform
White paper

Integrating Mason CLI into a CI/CD Pipeline