Remote ADB from A–Z: How Mason X-Ray Streamlines Mobile Troubleshooting

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a mission-critical tool for anyone running a device on Android OS. But to harness its troubleshooting power, it requires a physical USB connection from console to device — a process killer for anyone managing a fleet of devices. 

From expensive shipping costs to poor customer experience and device downtime, ADB’s challenges for enterprise MDM are a major pain point. There has to be an easier way.

In this webinar, you’ll get well-acquainted with Mason X-Ray, the solution that bridges ADB’s logistical gaps and pain points. Join Stef Kondik, Director of Software Engineering at Mason, as she covers:

  • The issue with ADB and how it complicates mobile troubleshooting for enterprise
  • Real-world examples of the device troubleshooting process
  • How Mason X-Ray improves the ADB experience with remote screen control, remote commands, the ability to script custom protocols, and more
  • A demo of X-Ray in action

About Stefanie Kondik

An industry veteran of 20+ years, Stefanie has a passion for technology in all forms. Her experience spans tech, healthcare, media, mobile, and VR at various companies including Samsung and Oculus. Her Android background is deep – she founded the CyanogenMod open source project and later the startup Cyanogen Inc. where she served as Chief Technology Officer. From embedded systems to digital audio, Stefanie knows her tech and she knows how to build great and diverse engineering teams. Stefanie joined Mason two years ago as a Principal Software Engineer, and today she leads our software efforts as Director of Software Engineering.