Virtual care provider breaks away from consumer devices and delivers a complete mobile infrastructure solution with Mason.

Via telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and clinician house calls, our RPM customer revolutionizes the virtual care experience by delivering a complete virtual solution to their patients — where and when they need it most. Powered by Mason’s end-to-end mobile infrastructure solution, our RPM customer solved issues with device sourcing, peripheral pairing, and device fragmentation. They were able to reduce hardware costs, streamline medical accessory pairing, and enjoy higher patient satisfaction.

Case Study

Mason + RPM Customer Case Study

Customer Challenge

Our RPM customer was relying on consumer devices that caused software bloat, paired with a MDM (mobile device management) solution that couldn’t fit their needs.

Hardware: Mobile device and medical accessory sourcing was a never-ending challenge. Sourcing consumer devices is both time-consuming and costly, with the added complexity of devices not optimized for their customers’ virtual care experience.

Fragmented Fleet: Relying on consumer devices meant customers had an inconsistent experience across different Android versions. An unpredictable supply chain required our RPM customer to support multiple devices and operating systems. Managing various app versions and pushing updates to devices in the field was complicated and difficult, especially with the added burden of consumer bloatware. 

Device Logistics: Provisioning, pairing, kitting, and shipping devices to customers was a time-consuming and messy process. Consumer devices often need multiple OS- and system-level updates before being ready to ship to a customer, leading to a fragmented Android experience. Each device required anywhere from two to eight hours to update completely — critical time wasted for both our RPM customer’s employees and their patients alike.

Our omni-modal approach to healthcare ensures that patients are getting the care they need, and our clinicians are able to keep a close eye on more at-risk patients. With the Mason platform, we’ve improved end-to-end control of our mobile infrastructure and can now focus on building [our] product portfolio to facilitate long-lasting relationships between patients and their providers.

RPM company CEO

The Solution

Our RPM customer identified the need for a holistic solution. As the only end-to-end mobile infrastructure platform, Mason was the clear choice to facilitate a seamless virtual care experience for their customers. They use the Mason G450 tablet along with Mason OS and the software tooling needed for complete device fleet control. Using affordable, purpose-built Mason devices with extended 5-year-plus life cycles and the power of the Mason platform to scale and manage their fleet, our RPM customer delivered a world-class virtual care experience for patients while saving time, money, and resources.

With Mason, our RPM customer’s patients now enjoy even easier access for virtual care. From tablets that facilitate telemedicine video visits 365 days a year to a software hub for full remote patient monitoring using medical peripherals (such as a blood pressure monitor, glucometer, scale, and pulse oximeter), Mason saved them resources and streamlined complex processes with our end-to-end mobile infrastructure solution.

The Results

By eliminating consumer devices from their infrastructure, our RPM customer has saved hours per device on system-level OS updates alone. Additionally, they now have greater control over their devices via Mason’s customized OS and updates pushed quickly across their entire fleet. Their providers and patients have device kits that are shipped faster, auto-provisioned, and benefit from peripherals that are paired with devices and ready to use. 

By partnering with Mason, our RPM customer offers the consistent, seamless virtual care experience they need for thousands of patients across eight different regions in the United States.

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