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Tools for bringing innovative mobile solutions to healthcare

Mobile technology is sparking change across healthcare, from how clinical trials are run to helping with medication adherence. Mason provides secure and reliable hardware and software infrastructure to let you harness the power of mobile with your products.

doctor holding mobile device
Handheld and Tablets for eCOA / ePRO

Data privacy and integrity is paramount for bringing new drugs to market. That’s why Mason is used for worldwide critical data collection in the clinical trial space.

patient engagement device
Patient Engagement Solutions in Hospitals

Happiness and comfort of patients in hospitals increases the odds of their recovery. Introducing dedicated screens for patient engagement is one way hospitals are improving patients’ lives with Mason.

mobile gateways for remote monitoring
Mobile Gateways for Remote Monitoring

Real-time glucose and heart rate data can be the difference between life and death. With Mason-powered at home monitoring solutions, companies are developing innovative anomaly detection algorithms instead of worrying about hardware and connectivity.

telehealth tablet
Telehealth tablets for doctors and patients

Remote doctor visits are more important now than ever before. Our hardware and logistics services are enabling new ways for doctors to interact with their patients.

healthcare wearable
Wearables for Monitoring and Fall Detection

Wearable devices are enabling a rich set of sensor data to be captured in connected healthcare. Mason’s A4100 smartwatch can provide all the sensors and connectivity you need to detect falls or continuously monitor a patient’s vital signs.

Frictionless implementation, great user experiences

Our toolbox provides everything you need to create the fastest and easiest user experience for your end users across their entire journey.

telehealth solution
Kiosk Mode, Done Right

Customize the OS to your specs to ensure your devices are truly locked down and dedicated to your software only. No more hiding a consumer OS behind an MDM layer — this is kiosk mode done right.

Zero Setup Required

Create a seamless setup experience for you and your users. Zero-touch provisioning, custom packaging, and turn-key connectivity allow devices to be ready to go as soon as they’re powered on.

Dynamic, End-to-End Control

Powerful SDKs give your app dynamic, low-level control over the UX. From configuring device settings to programmatically controlling power button behavior, your app is the command center.

Fully Integrated Support

Provide world-class support to end users and fix bugs faster with fully integrated tools. From remote ADB to pull logs from anywhere, to viewing and controlling devices in real-time, everything you need is in one platform.

Connected Devices in RPM | Assessment Tool

How does your connected device strategy compare with peers? Use our free tool to find out.

Reduce Risk, Increase Reliability

Meeting the strict regulatory healthcare standards requires end-to-end control over your product. Designed for enterprises, Mason is built to minimize variables and let you manage critical infrastructure the right way.

Updates, On Your Terms

No more unexpected updates from OEMs or carriers. Mason gives you complete control over everything being deployed to your devices, from OS updates to app updates.

Endless Hardware Lifecycle

Escape the 9 month consumer lifecycle with devices strategically designed around a stable and long-term supply chain. No hardware changes means you can spend more time building great products, and less time on regulations.

Low-Level Control

Controlling the OS gives you low-level control to ensure your devices behave exactly the way you want. No consumer app store, no accessing unexpected settings — the device is yours end-to-end.

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